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LegendsRacer is a site dedicated to Legends, Thunder Roadsters, and Bandolero drivers and owners to share information on races, race dates and technical information.

You don't have to agree with everything, or anyone, here on the forum; But don't expect to come on and put down the series, rules, other drivers or members. Such postings WILL Be Moderated; Which may include the post being edited or deleted. Please be aware that posting on this board carries with it the responsibility to be truthful in your posts. Libelous posting or character assassination will not be tolerated. The moderator(s) of this board in no way assumes responsibility for its content, and it is solely the responsibility of each member to monitor him or herself and the content of their messages.

Commercial solicitation by members will be allowed on this site in the appropriate sections.
Vendor Members: Please post your advertising in the appropriate " For Sale / Wanted" sections. Be respectful of other vendors, and Do Not post your advertising on another vendors advertising thread. Also, Please try to limit advertising in the general threads. If a member asks where they can buy a part or product, you may post that you sell the part or product. Please deal with business transactions via private messages or emails.

All Members: Please be sure to update your threads or advertising. Posting the solution to a problem or question may help someone else. If you buy or sell something you are advertising, please post that it was found or sold. For Sale ads will be deleted after 90 days.

The moderator(s) reserve the right to edit or delete posts for any of the above violations.

If you agree to these requirments; Welcome!

The Moderators

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