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General / Re: An ongoing topic on the internet; Looking to get into racing
« Last post by justfreaky on June 29, 2022, 04:08:59 am »
Yet more cars for sale today. One was $25,000 with spares (not specified) and a couple of pics in the winner's circle. Most parts new (within the last 14 months). He is planning to continue to race it until sold. If this sounds like it is within your budget, go for it!!! As to what it's condition will be next week is a crapshoot! Buyer beware!
General / Bando Engines
« Last post by justfreaky on June 28, 2022, 02:12:58 pm »
While I am well aware that Bando cars are also a spec class; Why do they not have an open engine program? I see so many posts on the Facebook pages about costs of an engine, or how much to be rebuilt. On a budget, want to buy a chassis and will build my own car. In theory, this sounds great! In reality, this will cost you 4 times the cost of buying a roller or a running car!!! Also, your chances of finishing the project are pretty slim. Most people run out of money or don't have as much time as they thought.

For the Bando folks, I posted recently in the General Section in Legends Cars for people wanting to get into the sport. I have read so many posts about people wanting to get into racing! I think this is awesome!!! Don't let the size of Bandolero or Legends Cars fool you in to thinking they are cheap! These are "Spec" race cars and come at an expense of money and time. Some people don't factor in the cost of the proper equipment to haul them, or the cost of the equipment needed for safety gear.

Yes, you can buy used parts. But you need to know what you are buying. Same with racing gear. You can purchase an outdated helmet or seat belts for dirt cheap! That won't help you when you finally get to your first race!!! You will not be allowed to race because you will not be able to be able to meet the minimum safety rules.

Read the rulebook and see if this is the sport, or class, for you or your driver. Budget what you can afford to spend. And last but not least; How much time do you truly have to spend?

General / Re: An ongoing topic on the internet; Looking to get into racing
« Last post by justfreaky on June 24, 2022, 08:29:17 pm »
Another thing I want to throw out there for people looking at racing and purchasing a car; Just because their advertisement says, "championship winning car", or "proven winner", only tells you that the car is capable of winning. Most of this will depend on your driver's ability. Not often that a first-time driver is going to win their first race. That will depend on experience. Pay for this "blue sky"  what you think it's worth to you. A $5,000 car and a $17,000 car are only capable of what your driver is capable of driving and his or her experience. Price will also vary with what is included for spares. Take this into account as well. There will likely be set up changes to be made. Not all people drive the same style. Perhaps you will be racing at a different track. Set up between dirt tracks and pavement tracks are different as well. This applies to both Bando and Legends Cars!!!
General / An ongoing topic on the internet; Looking to get into racing
« Last post by justfreaky on June 21, 2022, 05:24:57 pm »
An ongoing topic I keep seeing on the Facebook pages is new folks wanting to get into the sport. AWESOME!!!! I see an influx of newbies wanting to buy a "cheap" bando or legends. After I got done snorting my coffee out my nose; I made a post of my own. It is great to see new folks interested in legend and bandos!!! We have even seen some of the effects of here on this website because of the influx of new people wanting to get into the sport of motor racing. WAY COOL!!!!! My post basically covered things that a lot of new folks don't think about before throwing out a lot of money to buy a car. FIRST: Read The Rulebook. That will determine if this is the form of motorsports for you. BUDGET: If your pockets are full of money, this is not an issue. If, like most of us, you have a certain amount of expendable cash and want to go racing; How much are you willing to spend? Starting out, you will have the expense of the race car of your choice. Don't post ads like "seeking cheap bando or legends car". You will get 40 requests for your location, people all over the country offering up cars. I always get the urge to be a smata$$ and tell them "Sorry, no cars are available". LOL!!! Back to the "budget". Besides the car, you will need a way to haul it. Truck/Trailer. Then you have to think about RACING GEAR. Helmets, suits, gloves, head and neck restraints, shoes, maybe even a seat. Lets throw in the cost of INEX membership and/or cost of track membership(s). REPAIRS: Yes, damage does occur in racing! If you bought a car with spare parts, that is a plus! If you bought a car that needs "some updates or repairs"; How does that effect your budget? ENGINES: In legends cars, there are both open and sealed engines. If you are a fairly good mechanic, an open engine is a good option. Sealed engine programs require the engine to be shipped to USLC for repair or rebuilding. Again; BUDGET! I'm leaving out a whole lot of other things; But I hope this posts give some of you thought.

Drivetrain & Gearing / Gearing
« Last post by justfreaky on June 09, 2022, 05:28:52 pm »
I have been getting a lot of messages about gearing for Bandos, go karts and even cycle karts.
Quick and dirty explanation:  Going to a larger front sprocket (clutch) increases top speed. Going to a larger rear sprocket (axle) increases acceleration. Try to match your ratio so that you keep the engine in the "fat" part of the powerband curve.
I hope that helps some of you. I don't know a ton about Bandos!!! I have some clues from various people that message me as to gearing at some tracks. I wish you all would post your questions and take advantage of the knowledge that is on this site! You would be amazed at the responses, if you would post your questions and give them some time to answer. Not everyone spends hours on the site like I do. I am willing to help everyone to the best of my abilities. Yes, that is limited!
Bandos are not rocket science or Area 51 secrets. The more people share, the safer it will make the sport.

General / FZ09 Rumors
« Last post by justfreaky on May 17, 2022, 01:42:37 am »
There is so much garbage being spread on the internet about the FZ09 engine being retired. UNTRUE!
I talked to a lot of people in the know today. Yamaha is going to update this engine a little bit. It doesn't sound like anything to get excited over.
It is not being replaced with anything else, according to my sources. These are people "in the know". Dealers and people who have been in the sport for many years.
I have a lot of faith and trust in these folks!

Just wanted to pass on the word.

Setup and Handling / Re: Offering some advice for spare set up pieces
« Last post by justfreaky on April 27, 2022, 02:44:19 pm »
I think there are quite a few that already do this! I know I measure everything and write it down in a notebook. For the new folks, or people that never have, it is good advice! Thanks for sharing your insight!

General / Re: Chassis question
« Last post by justfreaky on April 27, 2022, 02:41:05 pm »
Seems to me that You have 4 choices. You can order a new chassis (which still may take some time) and swap all your current parts onto it. You can sell your current car and order a completely new car. (I am hearing the wait is considerable as well). You could buy a good used complete FZ09 car. Or, you could pull your current car completely apart and inspect the entire chassis. Inspect for damage, corrosion and all welds. These chassis are fairly tough and reliable and will last quite awhile if the cars have not been flipped, rolled or been in a fire. Yes, it happens! And fires will weaken the metal. You may want to find a good fabricator or chassis guy to help you determine the condition of your chassis.

If you go the route to buy a good used FZ09 car, you also buy the risks of buying any type of used car. It could have an older chassis with an upgraded engine swap. If you know the car to be a newer chassis with an upgraded engine, that could be the upgrade you are looking for! FZ cars tend to be in the higher dollar range as they are more desirable right now.

Let's talk buying either a used FZ car or a "good" used FZ09 engine. Again, you are at the mercy of the seller. You have to trust his word that the engine is good, or the car is a "good" strong running car. As with all the sealed engines, they have to be sent back for rebuilds. Exactly when that is, can be a tough call and depends on the engines condition. If you've been shopping around, or reading posts of people looking for an engine (1250 or FZ09), you will notice the questions they ask of the sellers. The first question is usually "How many races on the engine"? The second question is "What are the compression numbers"? You have to basically trust the person you decide to buy from. Unless you are able to physically check the car and /or engine out yourself.

I guess there is another option as well... You could buy a new FZ09 engine from INEX. Okay, it's a new engine! Likely that this will take a bit of waiting time as well. There are no guarantees on a rebuilt or new engine. Because of past experiences with some of our friends, a new or rebuilt engine can last 5 minutes or 50+ races. So that's kind of a crapshoot as well.

Where am I going with all my rambling? I guess it depends on what your budget allows and how much you trust the person selling you the car or engine. It is truly a tough question to answer! Perhaps some others will toss there thoughts out there for you to consider as well.

Hope that helps you some.

Setup and Handling / Offering some advice for spare set up pieces
« Last post by Dmaxman2006 on April 27, 2022, 09:03:11 am »
I had a set up put on my car during the off thing the guy that put the set up on the car is to measure each radius rod and all the other suspension pieces like the front a arm center to center so that way if you wreck or something breaks during the race you can get the car close enough to where it was set up wise and you can have spare radius rods waiting to be installed and you won't have to guess the correct length.

General / Chassis question
« Last post by Dmaxman2006 on April 26, 2022, 10:52:58 pm »
Would like to get your guys opinion.

I currently have a sedan with the 1250 in it. I'd like to  get a fz09 but I'm not sure how I should go about it. Selling my current car and getting a good used fz09 or get a new frame and start a new build.

I would consider even just swapping my current car to a fz09 but if my title is correct the chassis with the current car is abt 10 years old. I'm worried with it being that old that the metal is getting weak or is weak and will start cracking etc. I also would push more towards getting a new car from inex but I hear there far behind on builds so I'd be waiting for awhile I'm sure.
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