Bando Buyers Guide

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The link below will take you to an 18 page PDF Document full of Bando information and photos as well as a buyers checklist.

This is handy information for anyone considering a Bando purchase. 

Be will take a few minutes to download.

Thank You Ed!
That is some very helpful info for anyone new to Bando cars.
Always appreciate your input!


This link no longer works. Any chance someone has a working link for it?  I’d really like to get ahold of it. Thanks

Not sure what happened to Ed's link or site. I tried as well. His site was on a few weeks ago.
Try his email:

Any specific questions I can try to answer for you?


Any update on sourcing this guide?  I've come across a Bandolero that the owner is asking only $1200 which seems like pocket change.  But I have no idea what I should be looking for.  Oh, and it has no break pressure so it can't be driven.  Just start the motor and listen to it run.  :-(  And the seat is gone so there's that part too.

Anyway, any advice would be awesome.  Really, I was just looking for a kart for my 12yr old son and this feels like too good a deal to pass up.



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