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« on: June 09, 2022, 05:28:52 pm »
I have been getting a lot of messages about gearing for Bandos, go karts and even cycle karts.
Quick and dirty explanation:  Going to a larger front sprocket (clutch) increases top speed. Going to a larger rear sprocket (axle) increases acceleration. Try to match your ratio so that you keep the engine in the "fat" part of the powerband curve.
I hope that helps some of you. I don't know a ton about Bandos!!! I have some clues from various people that message me as to gearing at some tracks. I wish you all would post your questions and take advantage of the knowledge that is on this site! You would be amazed at the responses, if you would post your questions and give them some time to answer. Not everyone spends hours on the site like I do. I am willing to help everyone to the best of my abilities. Yes, that is limited!
Bandos are not rocket science or Area 51 secrets. The more people share, the safer it will make the sport.


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