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Rear axle seal in backwards??


Hey folks
    I'm new to Legends and have a rear axle leak.
Pulled the seal but believe it may have been in backwards...   Does the spring in the seal face in or out ???   Thnxs

In, and...

You should also use a seal driver only to not distort the seal and drive it all the way in until it seats.

Randy - RPM

  Thanks for the reply.
  I will definitely use a seal driver..

Also, please note that when you are installing axle seals, make sure to install seal correct depth into the axle tube. If you use the correct seal driver, this should not be an issue. If you install by other means, I have seen people install these seals inward farther than normal to point that the sealing surface barely contacts the sealing portion on the axle. When that happens, especially on the right rear, gear oil will leak slowly past this seal onto your brakes during a race and you will end up with quite a mess. In addition, these seals occasionally will leak around the outside diameter, between tube and the seal. I always applied a small amount of a high quality oil resistant RTV product available from your local auto parts store to seal this area as well.  Good luck!


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