Author Topic: Why such a high level of secrecy in Bando's?  (Read 1146 times)

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Why such a high level of secrecy in Bando's?
« on: February 24, 2018, 06:11:38 pm »
I have done racing in all sorts of levels of racing from quarter midgets to pro levels of oval, road racing as well as drags. And I have never seen people so afraid to share information! Generally most other racing people will share 95% of what they know with others, especially newbies. I've always felt if it's JUST the car that is making a driver fast , then you really need to work on the driver, not hiding that trick setup, after all these cars are very limited in setups compared to more highly complex cars. Wouldn't you rather see the best driver's do well and seeing the new kids get up to speed to be somewhat competitive? I just don't get what some are so scared of? Seeing their driver really isn't that good ? I'm not trying to start a fight with anyone , but at this level  it just seems the more competitive the entire field is the more enjoyable for all. Consider this : A couple new kids are in the race struggling with  poor handling cars, and your oh so great car with a mid pack driver is coming up to lap them but lacks the talent to avoid a crash that the lesser experience kids might cause from fighting a car and paying less attention to what's coming up behind them. At that point just what does the zero help mindset help? AGAIN, not looking to start a fire here, just a reasonable conversation, no reason for anyone to boost their blood pressure! Have a great evening.

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Re: Why such a high level of secrecy in Bando's?
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2018, 11:21:33 pm »
I have been making similar arguments for years. I still have not come up with an answer as to why people don't want to share information. Although, I have heard from several Bando families that say they have received lots of help at the track from their competitors. ??? I have some info that I have collected over the years that I am always willing to share.

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