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Rear End Gear Change


Mostly for those that are new to legends cars, or not great mechanics; Here is a nice video put together by our good friend Gerad (Bigmill Motorsports).

Pretty straight forward stuff and easy to understand for those that have never changed a rear end gear before.  Your first attempt will likely take you about an hour or so.

Thank You Gerad for letting me post your video!


Thanks for posted this. Some very helpful info for us newbies. ;)

Probably takes more like 30 minutes if your not trying to video. lol! But, overall, I think Gerad did a pretty good job of explaining a gear change.


Why thank you Steve!

Thank You, Gerad!!!

For those of you who are new, or have not been around for awhile; Gerad is the guy who set up the ongoing list of tracks and gears here on the site. I see his list posted all over the internet, and use his list to recommend a gear for a specific track. If anyone has tracks to add to the list; That would be awesome! I am sure that either Gerad or I would be more than happy to add your track to the list.



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