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Starter Solenoid Location

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El Gringo:
Where is the solenoid suppose to be located? Mine is in front of the gear shifter on top of the drive shaft tunnel.

It is located on the battery hold down.

El Gringo:
I didn't think mine was right. From the parts drawings on 600 Legend you can see it is close to the battery. I think I'll leave mine where it is as I plan to locate the fuse block somewhere in that area. I hope I get some more parts today so I can get started.

I think that area between the dash and the cowl looks like an interesting place to hide the electrical.
Not to keen on having all that on the driveshaft tunnel.


El Gringo:
It's not the perfect place for sure but my back wont let me do a lot of twisting and bending. That's my reason for having it up on the lift.


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