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El Gringo:
I spent a while trying to figure out how to drive a regular speedometer and came up short so I found a GPS digital one on e-bay. It comes with a USB cable to recharge it and I've found that the USB port puts out 12 volts at 500 milliamp.

 So, how do I lower the 12 volts to 5 ??

LMAO!!!! So day number one and you are going to go all digital and techno on me?
Beyond the scope of my knowledge at this time. In racing, it doesn't matter if you have a speedo or not. Don't have time to look at it anyway! :D

I know that some of the newer bike engines support aftermarket speedo, tach, gear indicators, etc... that are electronically controlled.
Don't think I would want to look at anything that requires USB cables or recharging to function. This is not going to be a daily driver. This is going to be something to have fun with and perhaps take to car shows. Something to have fun with!

"So, how do I lower the 12 volts to 5 ??" Resistors. Same stuff you do to run 12 volts to a 6 volt system on an old hotrod.

Steve :p

El Gringo:
Correction, the USB port puts out "5" volts at 500 miliamps

What gauges are you planning to run on your car?

El Gringo:
At the moment none, I think this is going to be one of those never finished cars, just keep adding stuff until it wont move.


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