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El Gringo:
I found some simple looking diagrams for lights and turn signals online at  It shows how to use a trailer  light convertor in the circuit to merge the brake lights and turn signals. That made it worth looking for me. I like to do wiring, I'm just not very good at it.

Not that it's mega hard to do... But if you are changing from an INEX legal race car to a street rod; You are going to need to have things like headlights, tail light, brake lights and turn signals.
If you are using the stock motorcycle charging system, you need to look at the draw on the battery and alternator. Up side is that these cars run a car battery as opposed to a motorcycle battery. So you will have a little back up. Perhaps the motorcycle wiring harness would be better than the cut down version that the Legends Race Car uses. LEDs draw less power. You will likely have to use relays within the wiring system regardless. I have seen all kinds of interesting stuff as far as electrical on different types of "Kit Cars" (IE: a car alternator run off the driveshaft). Just saying.... Where there is a will, there is a way! If you are going to use an oil cooled engine; What about running fans for cooling? Add that to your list of stuff to consider.


El Gringo:
I found most everything I need on e-bay, even the relays. The headlights were the only thing that are not LED, I did find some but I am trying to put the car on the street for less than $500 and the LED headlights would blow that without buying anything else. So it will use a pair of motorcycle headlights

 I doubt I will do much night driving but there is always a chance of not getting home when you plan to. The cruise nights with the car clubs sometimes gets late.

On the oil cooler, is bigger, better? I think it has the original one from Legend.


I am going to bed! I have been up almost 23 hours now and am tired. lol!

Motorcycle LED lights will likely be fine. As you pointed out; Not like you are going to do a lot of night driving. Seen my fair share of super bright motorcycle lights!

Oil cooler question is an engine subject. "Is bigger better?" Not necessarily. If you plan to run your stock engine; Yes, you want to keep the engine as cool as possible.
That could include oil cooler(s), top end oiling system, fans, whatever. I know summers down in Texas get damn hot!

Is it likely you will get this car roadworthy and licensed for under $500? No.
Unless you got a lot of stuff laying around in your garage you can use, and you flirt real nice with the inspector.
:D :p


El Gringo:
I am keeping an accurate list of what I spend, I think I have everything bought mostly from e-bay and my total is about $250 so I might make it.
 I already have wire of the right gauge and colors, also most of the connectors will be the Bullet type used on motorcycles as I have a good supply of those. Heat shrink and other incidentals I may not be able to keep track of but it will be close.

 For now, I plan to leave the cosmetics as they are complete with numbers on the doors and top. I think the five point seat belts will be switched out for a lap and shoulder belt. I have the front fenders off to make some repairs and I sort of like the look so I may leave them off.


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