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Changing 3rd member tonight.

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Tonight I am swapping my complete Third member from 3.33 to 3.42.

I know to drain fluid and pull the axels out of the center section. Then remove and replace third member.

I can't seem to find a youtube video explaining the axel pull process on any vehicle let alone a Toyota.

Any incite is appreciated. 

That is pretty much it.
Undo the retaining bolts and pull the axles out. Be sure to check them for twist while you have them out. New seals? Is a good time to put them in.


Turn your brake drum backwards, and reinstall on the axle, it'll give you something to grab onto to pull in order to "pop" the axle out.  Also makes a nice little stand to let the axles stand on while you have it all apart.

Never thought of that, great idea

I always used an axle puller, I know everyone will say "you shouldn't need one if your rear end is straight and everything" but they were quick to attach and took 2 seconds to get the axle out versus putting the brake drum on and doing it that way.  Just my opinion though.



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