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list of tracks and gears.

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It would be nice to have a work sheet you can look up with the list of gears so you don't have to keep asking.I know some of the big travling teams have this,but the poor weekend warrior has to ask many people to find out.

Tom Cole:
Here's something I wrote to help.   It's not the bible, but can help you make decisions.

Here is a link to a couple of charts that help with the transmission ratios and final drive ratios.


Here is the updated PDF

Ok, so due to document size restrictions I have also posted the Race track Gear Sheet on my website (the Excel Version).  Anybody can go there and download it.
I have updated it with a few new tracks and will try to post the updated PDF here as well.  But if you ever want the latest and greatest go to www.bigmilmotorsports.com and it's a link on the menu bar.

Again if anybody has any tracks they want me to add or corrections to my info just let me know.



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