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Some Useful 10 Bolt Info


I want to put together a useful 10 bolt info to post as a stickie. Anyone that can add part #s, specs, etc... Please Post

Fel-Pro gasket numbers
10 Bolt RDS27413 ~cost $2.60

10 Bolt = T code = 6.7
M86610 cup
M88610 cup
M86649 cone
HM88649 cone
Pinion seal 1176

 U Joint for 10 bolt rear PRECISION Part # 394
 slip yoke part # precision # 437G
Torque spec’s
0.006 – 0.009 back lash for gears.
Ring gear torque 55 ft/lbs
bearing caps 60 ft/lbs

VMS Motorsports:
I dont know the part number, but it makes life alot easier if you get the crush sleeve when rebuilding one

Couldn't find an answer on here....anyone know the part number for the crush sleeve for these rear ends?

VMS Motorsports:
I have rebuild kits in stock, can break one up for the crush sleeve if that's all you need. $8.50 + shipping, which would be around $3.00

Vern Houseman:
Jim are the MAN


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