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I am pretty new to Legends (do not even have a car yet), but wanted to know what Toyota vehicles I can find gears and carriers in for Legends cars.  Can they be pulled from the correct vehicle in a junkyard, cleaned up, maybe put new bearings in, and weld the spider gears, or is it more complicated than that?  I am changing over to Legends for next season, but wanted to start keeping an eye out for parts to start stocking up.   I know that I can buy from parts dealers or on Ebay, but wanted to know what to look for if I come across something at the junkyard. 

10 bolt Toyota rear end parts can be had from the wrecking yards.
Try these:

1974-79     Corolla     SR5 w/5 speed
1984-87     Corolla     GT-S
1971-85     Celica        ST,GT
1971-73     Carina     
1970-71     Corona     4 door
1972            Corona
1973-74     Corona     HT Sedan
1975-82     Corona     

Info is from "Dwarf Car Technology" by Steve Smith.
Hope this helps

Good Luck


You might want to look into buying a spool instead of welding the spider gears. It will make for a more reliable package. You'll also need to figure out what gear ratio you will need. I'll try to find the color codes for you and post them.


Try this link:

You will only be interested in the 10 bolt. The pinion nut will usually be painted a color. This should help identify the gears if they are still installed in the car.

Hope that helps


Thanks for all of the information.  I appreciate it. 

Will the gear out of all of these 10 bolts work, or do I need to worry about the number of splines like with a Ford 9"?  Anything else I need to look for (ring gear size, bolt pattern, etc.)? 


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